BCT Course

As a BCT test centre, WGC language and Tuition Centre offers a specially tailored BCT Course for non-native or native speakers. The new BCT, as an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, focuses on assessing non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities to use the Chinese language in real business or common working environments and evaluating the language tasks they are able to complete. It aims to provide references for companies to recruit and select employees, for schools and training institutions to organize teaching activities, and for learners to evaluate themselves.

The BCT course, as a test-oriented series, consists of two independent part: BCT (A), BCT (B). The BCT (A), which is oriented towards beginners, is designed to help learners to improve their ability to communicate in Chinese in daily life and during basic business activities. The BCT (B), which is oriented towards intermediate and advanced learners, is designed to learners’ ability to communicate in Chinese during complex business activities. The BCT course includes BCT Speaking part, which is oriented towards learners of all levels and aims to improve learners’ ability to complete various communicative tasks by using spoken Chinese.

The BCT course has the following characteristics: first, it focuses on the practical use of Chinese when conducting business activities. The course, following the principle of practicality, oriented towards speaking and listening, and emphasizing abilities in the workplace, aims to recreate actual situations in the workplace. Second, it has set the Standards for Business Chinese Language Competence and advocates a combination of teaching and examination as a method of improving Chinese language skills. The Standards for Business Chinese Language Competence, which is based on large-scale surveys and data analyses and aligned with the BCT Outlines, provides a basis for a refined assessment of competence and systematic teaching activities. Third, it includes business culture as a part of the course so as to improve learners’ intercultural communicative competence.

Information for BCT Test

The BCT is held for non-native Chinese speakers. Anyone who is a non-native speaker, whether capable of basic communication or skilful communication in Chinese, may take the BCT. There are no restrictions on test takers’ age, education or length of time spent learning Chinese.

Test Time and Location

WGC Language and Tuition Centre holds test on a regular basis. Please contact us for more information. The BCT is also held regularly in mainland China and other countries each year.

Test Purposes

1.Provide a basis for employers to assess non-native Chinese speakers’ (candidates) Chinese competence in daily work. Test scores can be used as a reference for employee recruitment, selection, placement and promotion.

2.Help relevant teaching and training institutions to assess students’ business Chinese proficiency in recruitment, class divisions, and granting credits.

3.Help learners to improve and evaluate their business Chinese competence.


Teaching objectives and vocabulary of BCT course

Textbook Volume Teaching Objectives Vocabulary
Book 1 Business Chinese Proficience Standards  Level 1                 200
Book 2 Business Chinese Proficiency Standards  Level 2                 400  
Book 3 Business Chinese Proficiency Standards  Level 3                 600
Book 4 Business Chinese Proficiency Standards  Level 4                 1500
Book 5 Business Chinese Proficiency Standards  Level 5                 3000