WGC Language and Tuition Centre offers Cantonese course for children (4+ years old)

Cantonese course uses the immersion teaching theory and is a completely Cantonese-taught course. This course helps children to learn Cantonese characters and allows children to progress step by step from learning phrases, sentences, paragraphs, to reading stories, fairy tales, etc, in line with children’s cognitive ability. 

This course uses image, metaphor, induction, heuristic teaching method, with playful language, body movement and interactive communication to enhance children’s curiosity and interest in literacy.

It combines children’s learning Cantonese characters process with reading, to achieve the development of children’s intelligence.

This course can help children to know 960 Chinese characters, master 4200 words and read 600-word stories. It helps children to accumulate vocabulary, self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and to develop a good reading habit.




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