Our courses

The WGC Language and Tuition Centre offers comprehensive Mandarin, Korean and Japanese courses for beginners, intermediate and advance levels for learners. 

We adopt Immersion Chinese Teaching Model for all our courses. Chinese Language immersion or simple immersion, is a technique used in bilingual language education. In our case, Chinese is used for instruction in a variety of topics, including math, science, art, history and music studies. Therefore, students can immerse into a rich language environment to learn Chinese Language as well as other knowledge and subjects, such as math, music or art.

We offer groups or one-to-one teaching with specially tailored lessons to suit learners of different learning abilities.
We welcome all children of all age to join us. We also offer various language courses for adults, including daily surviving language courses, business language courses and culture travel courses. 
Our courses aim to impart learners with a solid foundation and various skills, including spelling, writing, reading, speaking and understanding. We use multiple teaching methods, such as flashcards, songs and creative interactive games to change learning a language from a chore to an exciting adventure. We combine language learning with culture, life and fun together. We apply our teaching methods flexibly to adopt each learner’s learning styles and ability.

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WGCLTC Early Learning and Kid’s Club (0-3 yrs)

Mandarin Level 1-4 (6yrs+)

Mandarin Youth class 四五快读班 (3yrs+)

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) course level 1-4 (4yrs+)

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) course level 1-6 (4yrs+)

BCT (Business Chinese Test) Course Part A-B

GCSE Mandarin course level 1-3

A-level Chinese course (AS+A2)

Cantonese Course

Chinese Fine Art course 


We have new GCSE  and A-level Mandarin classes. This class aims to enhance students’ GCSE and A-Level skills and fundamental elements of Mandarin to strength students’ language ability. GCSE and A-Level Mandarin class will help students to improve their Mandarin skills as well as to prepare students for their exams. 

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