WGC Early Learning Centre and Kid’s Club (0-3 yrs)

 We cherish every child’s first five years for language learning. These few years are crucial but incredibly exciting for each child with a big impact on their future. We believe those learning experience and discovery in your child’s early years have profound influence on their language development, the success of their education and the happiness of their entire life. At WGC Early Learning Centre and Kid’s Club we promote friendly and inspiring environment for children and families, which is essential to learning. We combine language learning, physical development and culture emerging in one, where children and parents can join in to share lives and growing experience together.

We are here to help  you children to discover an entire world of curiosity and imagination through varieties of games, songs and stories. We promote young children’s welfare and at the same time help them to learn a useful language. We take the approach of fun and interest-led learning.

The WGC Early Learning Centre’s unique programmes support and nurture your child’s language development. Mummies/Daddies and Toddlers are welcome to join us in our bespoke Early Learning and Kid’s Clubs every Saturday. Please click here for Early Learning Timetable