GCSE Mandarin

WGC Language and Tuition Centre offers Chinese GCSE for secondary school students (native or non-native speakers) aged between 10-16.

The whole GCSE Mandarin Course comprises of three years of study, which cover three core textbooks.

This course is designed according to the new GCSE syllabus with a topic-oriented structure that takes the language as its core, and cultural contents as its key elements. This course is designed as a full set of secondary school Mandarin studies, which includes both comprehensive language knowledge and enriched cultural content.

This course covers all the areas in the new Edexcel Chinese GCSE and AQA syllabus and takes the Asset Language requirement as its reference.

The vocabulary and grammar is developed step by step so that students may familiarize themselves with the new topic involved in the Chinese GCSE, while simultaneously developing their conversational skills as they prepare for the exam.

Beginners may take the GCSE Exam after completing the first two volumes, and then take the third volume as a preparatory guide for the AS exam. Those who have a certain command of the Chinese language may start from either volume 2 or 3.

The whole series covers all the 560 core words and 85 grammar point required by the new Chinese GCSE syllabus.

GCSE 1 covers: 145 Chinese characters, 237 new words, 91 sentence patterns;

 GCSE 2 covers: 150 Chinese characters, 233 new words, 93 sentence patterns;

GCSE 3 covers: 160 Chinese characters, 230 new words, 95 sentence patterns;

GCSE Mandarin places an emphasis on culture contents, which are combined with language objectives and methods of teaching to provide a nurturing learning environment. The cultural element is aimed at cultivating students’ cultural consciousness and extend their cultural vision, which in turn makes it a more effective learning tool.