Mandarin Level 1-4 course (6yrs+)                                                                          

WGC Language and Tuition Centre offers Mandarin lessons for all children aged 4 years old and above.

Our Mandarin teacher has many years of primary teaching experience.

We use a well-designed textbook: Chinese Made Easy for Kids (books 1-4). These series are written for primary school children who are learning Chinese as a foreign/second language.

Mandarin level (1-4) course is to help beginners build a solid foundation of Chinese and cultivate interest in learning Chinese. It is designed to emphasise the development of communication skills from an early age.

This course aims to develop communication skills through audio exercises, conversations, questions and answers, speaking practice, etc.

We build a solid foundation for character writing, tracing and copying characters through exercises.

We use reading phrases, sentences and short paragraphs to develop children’s reading comprehension skills.