Mandarin Youth Class(四五快读班) (3+ years old)

WGC Language and Tuition Centre offers Mandarin lessons for all children aged 3 and above.

Our Mandarin teacher has many years of primary teaching experience.

We use a well-designed textbook: 《四五快读》 (books 1-8). These series are written for primary school children who are learning Mandarin from a very young age.

Mandarin Youth course uses the immersion teaching theory and is a completely Chinese-taught course. This course helps children to learn Chinese characters and allows children to progress step by step from learning phrases, sentences, paragraphs, to reading stories, fairy tales, etc, in line with children’s cognitive ability. 

This course uses image, metaphor, induction, heuristic teaching method, with playful language, body movement and interactive communication to enhance children’s curiosity and interest in literacy.

This course combines children’s learning Chinese characters process with reading, to achieve the development of children’s intelligence.

This course can help children to know 960 Chinese characters, master 4200 words and read 600-word stories. It helps children to accumulate vocabulary, self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and to develop a good reading habit.

韦林语言学校为所有3岁及以上的儿童提供普通话课程。 我们的普通话老师有多年的教学经验。 我们使用精心设计的教科书:“四五快读”(第1-8册)。这些系列是为从小就学普通话的小学生编制的。

四五快读班的课程教学特点是运用浸入式教学,使用全汉语和书本同步教学。 这套课程帮助幼年儿童边学汉字, 边根据以学汉字循序渐进地进入阅读符合幼儿认知水平, 儿童生活情趣的词组,句子,短段, 长段,短文, 直致阅读由这些汉子编成的故事, 童话等。

本课程运用形象, 比喻, 诱导,启发式的教学方法, 用充满童趣的语言, 生动形象的肢体运动和互动交流来教授汉字, 以达到让儿童对识字产生好奇和兴趣。


全套课程 7 本教程可以帮助小朋友认识960个汉字, 掌握4200的词语, 能阅读600个字的故事。并由此累积词汇的知识常识。 产生自信心, 成就感, 进而习惯阅读, 并养成热爱阅读的好习惯, 使其终身受益。