YCT Course (Youth Chinese Test)

This course is designed for primary and middle school students (4-10yrs) from overseas who take Chinese as an elective course, and who are going to take the YCT.

With the YCT test papers as its primary source, the YCT Standard Course aims to achieve an integrated combination of function and fun, provide a scientific curriculum and effective teaching methods, as well as stimulate students’ multiple intelligence. It uses a series of textbooks with a new approach that embodies the idea of “combining testing and teaching”.   They are suitable for Mandarin Classrooms in different countries as well as other Chinese teaching institutions.

The whole course matches the YCT test, with one volume for each of Levels 1-2 and two volumes for each of Levels 3 and 4, total six volumes.

 YCT level 1 uses YCT Book 1, which covers all the 80 words, 10 grammar items and 9 function items of the YCT level 1. It has 24 lessons, and the suggested class hours for each lesson are 2 hours. Each lesson has a YCT model test page attached, which helps students familiarize themselves with the test and pass the YCT successfully after finishing the book.

Correspondence between textbooks and YCT

Textbook YCT Vocabulary Class hours
Book 1 Level 1 80 35-45
Book 2 Level 2 150 35-45
Books 3 and 4 Level 3 300 50-60 for each book
Books 5 and 6 Level 4 600 60-70 hours for each book